Clutch 85 Standard Fishing Rod Leash

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You can't fish with out a rod or pole.  Don't let your time on the water be ruined by a small preventable accident. Our rod leash for your kayak will become your new best friend on the water.  Hook up the leash to your kayak and then use the strong velcro to attach it you rod.  The rod leash will save the day when you least expect it.

Our Fishing Rod Leashes can also be used to attach many of your other valuable fishing gear and accessories to your kayak such as your dry box or tackle bag.  Your tackle bag is loaded with hundreds of dollars of tackle and fishing gear. Don't forget to leash it down in case the worst case scenario happens.  A fishing rod leash will be the cheapest insurance policy you've ever purchased.  If you value your time on the water, stock up on rod leashes to have a worry free adventure.

Our kayak leashes are made with gutted paracord and a nylon monofiliament center.  All of our paracord leashes are difficult to make, but well worth the effort.  We use a stainless steel clamp that has an extremely small footprint, but retains an enormous amount of strength  The small size of the clamp allows it to stay light weight so your leash makes minimal noise on your kayak.  As an added layer of security, we use heat shrink to protect the connection so you can enjoy your leash for years to come.  All of this means you get a tough, dependable, great looking leash that you can't find at the big-box store.  Choose your leash and color get fishing!

Up to 8ft Stretch
Made in the USA 8" Velcro brand strap with Brass Grommet
Made in the USA 550 Paracord Sheath
Made in the USA Nylon Monofilament Core
Made in the USA 14 gauge Stainless Steel Fasteners
Made in the USA Heat Shrink Casing
Aluminum Wire Gate Carabiner


*Tools not included