Tool Lanyard - Large w/ Hitch Loop

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It's time to have what you need, when you need it.  The Tool Leash is what you need so you can get back to fishing as soon as possible.  Attach it to you forceps, snips or line tool. It stretches when you need it and returns to shape when you're done.  It keeps your kayak organized and tangle free.

Our coiled leashes are made with gutted paracord and a nylon monofiliament center.  All of our paracord leashes are difficult to make, but well worth the effort.  We use a stainless steel clamp that has an extremely small footprint, but retains an enormous amount of strength  The small size of the clamp allows it to stay light weight so your leash makes minimal noise on your kayak.  As an added layer of security, we use heat shrink to protect the connection so you can enjoy your leash for years to come.  All of this means you get a tough, dependable, great looking leash that you can't find at the big-box store.  Choose your leash and color get fishing!

Approximate Max Stretch 6ft
Saltwater Friendly!


*Tools not included