Retractor Coil Lanyard Drop

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Do your lips get dry when you're out in the cold hunting and you can't find your chapstick?  Did you have a great morning in the blind, but can't find the lighter to light up the celebratory cigars?  Or do you simply want a better way to hold your duck and goose calls on your call lanytard?

The Retractor Coil Lanyard Drop is the solution you've been looking for. Keep accessories and tools right where you need them.  Grab what you need and our Retractor Coil Lanyard Drop stretches up to 3ft and will go right back to where you left.  Use it on your call lanyard to keep the other calls on your lanyard from moving around.  You'll be able to keep your calls from tangling and get them in your hands faster.

The Retractor Coil Lanyard Drop features 2 drops to secure your duck call or hunting accessories, and 1 black trigger clip to attach to anything in your blind.