Multi-Purpose Kayak Strap - Tow, Wade and Stand-Assist

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Handcrafted in the USA

Overall Length - 5 Feet
Heavy Duty Handle
Aluminum Carabiner
550 Paracord

 Have you ever thought that pulling your kayak up the ramp or over terrain was harder than it should be?  Or wanted to adjust yourself in your seat, but couldn't find a solid way to move securely? And most importantly, do you love to stand on your kayak and fish?

Our multi-purpose kayak strap is going to become one of your favorite kayak accessories when you want to stand and fish on your kayak.  Pull yourself up easily and sit down effortlessly with our heavy duty. Muilti-Purpose Kayak Strap.  

Our Multi-Purpose Kayak Strap is 5ft long with a 9 inch hitch loop on the end to attach to your front handle or anchor point.  The handle is large and extremely comfortable so you don't strain your hands when pulling your kayak or standing up.  It makes pulling your kayak when it's on a cart effortless!  

Made to order and typically ships in 5-7 business days.