Paddle Board Ankle Leash

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When you fall off of your stand-up paddle board the last thing you want to do is lose your board.  We all know when you fall off your board it shoots out like a rocket and you have to swim forever to get back to it.  Prevent the extra work and strap on a comfortable ankle leash to keep your board nearby if things aren't going your way.

Our SUP ankle leash comes in 2 sizes:
Large: Fits most men
Medium: Fits most woman

The ankle leash is made with gutted paracord and a nylon monofiliament center.  All of our paracord leashes are difficult to make, but well worth the effort.  Our SUP leashes have double the stainless steel clamps for added strength, but they have an extremely small footprint. The small size of the clamp allows it to stay light weight so your leash makes minimal noise on your SUP.  As an added layer of security, we use heat shrink to protect the connection so you can enjoy your leash for years to come.  All of this means you get a tough, dependable, great looking leash that you can't find at the big-box store.  Choose your leash and color get fishing!

Perfect for salt water!
Max Stretch - 8ft
Large Hitch Loop to attach to your paddle board

Select your Main Color for your Leash
Select your Second Color for your Cuff Accent