Backfire 65 Quick Release Pedal Drive Leash

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The most important thing on your kayak is your pedal drive or paddle.  Without it you could be at best in an annoying position, or at worst in a serious life-or-death situation.  You need your paddle to get to safety and you can count on our Quick Release Paddle Leash to keep your paddle secured to your kayak.  You wouldn't drive a car without a seat belt.  Make sure you don't go kayaking without our leash on your kayak paddle. 

It's all about safety.  Robohawk's Quick Release Pedal Drive Leash is your paddle's insurance policy, the same as your PFD is your insurance policy while on the water.  You can be confident on the water while kayak fishing when you know your paddle is secure.

The Quick Release Pedal Leash features a coil that stretches 6ft.  A hitch loop is easily cinched onto your paddle and tightened up with a sliding cord lock.  You can easily keep the leash attached to your kayak and detach it quickly with the buckle while loading and unpacking.  Pick a color to match your kayak or your own personal style.