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4 Reasons You Need A Paddle Leash


Most people often discount the idea of using kayak leashes while your fishing our enjoying a peaceful paddle on a lake or river.  Paddlers are confident in their ability, but often underestimate the likelihood that something bad will happen.  In this article about kayak leashes we are going to focus on the most important leash of them all, the paddle leash.  There are 4 important reasons why you should rethink the small investment of a paddle leash.


What would you do without a paddle on your kayak?

Not having a paddle on your kayak can make kayaking a little difficult, right?  The last thing that you should be worrying about when your out on the water is how you’re going to get home.  A paddle leash does exactly what you think it should do.  It keeps your kayak paddle attached to your kayak at all times, so you don’t have to swim home.  A paddle leash is a cheap insurance policy that allows you to stay safe while your enjoying the great outdoors.  Which leads me to my next point…


It’s a lot cheaper than a new paddle!

The minimal investment that you have when you buy a paddle leash is nothing compared to the cost of a new paddle.  At Robohawk, we provide 2 options for paddle leashes and both are under $20. You can purchase them here.  Look at the quality paddles that are available in the market today.  They are well worth the money and provide you with a great experience, but they also can cost you a few hundred dollars.  Regardless of the cost of your paddle, your intentions when you walk into your local shop shouldn’t be to have to come back later and buy another paddle.


Isn’t a paddle leash intrusive?

Some of you may think that a paddle leash will create resistance while you’re using your paddle or be in the way.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I can’t speak for all leashes, but Robohawk paddle leashes weigh 2 ounces or less.  You’ll be able to focus on fishing because once the kayak paddle leash is attached to your kayak you won’t notice it at all.  Our paddle leashes stretch up to 6 feet and retract to about 12 inches when not in use.  Don’t buy a paddle leash that is already 4 feet long and will lay freely on your deck.  Our goal is to keep your kayak organized and mess free. 


Sh*t Happens!

Let’s face it.  As much as we think we can control everything that happens on the water, we can’t.  A lot can happen when you’re landing a huge fish and you hear your drag screaming. In all the commotion your paddle can get knocked into the water.  You can’t count on that 8lb bass to give you a sleigh ride back to the ramp.  We’ve all seen the videos of the bass boats that aren’t paying attention and get dangerously close to kayaks or create wakes that can cause you to turtle.  Next thing you know the bass boat drives off not knowing what they have done, and you’ve lost $500 of gear and need to swim back to get home.  It’s important to stay safe out there and leash down your paddle.



A paddle leash may be an afterthought, but hopefully you now understand the importance of keeping your paddle on your kayak.  It’s a cheap insurance policy that will allow you to continue to enjoy your time out on the water.  Having a paddle leash will save you money and future headaches.  A fishing trip can be ruined extremely fast if you aren’t able to paddle home.  Thanks for reading and check out our paddle leashes so you can ensure your next time on the water will be a successful one!

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