Super quick processing and shipping. For my 5 items in 2 days!!! I am impressed with the quality and look forward to putting it all to good use.

Justin T.

Quick shout out to Robohawk for making some pretty kick @ss lanyards!  As I’ve upgraded my fishing gear I’ve been more concerned about not having them secured.  Honest review these lanyards are solid and crafted well. I’m a sucker for being able to choose colors and you got a huge selection to choose from. The fact they stay coiled up and out of the way is another great benefit. 

Joshua W.

These amazing leashes came today from Robohawk. I’m highly impressed, not only with the quality, but the fact they put a thank you note hand signed in the package for buying their product. Small businesses are where it’s at. They will be strapped on my Vibe Kayak!

Jimmy M.