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5 Reasons to Start Kayak Fishing

The reasons to start kayaking are unique to everyone, but if you talk to a fellow kayak fisherman or woman they can all relate to where you’re at in your process. You’re trying to decide; do I spend the money on a fishing kayak, will I use it enough to justify the cost, is it hard to get used to paddling, and most importantly will I even like it?!  In this article we will go over the many reasons and benefits of kayak fishing and if it’s right for you.



I have been fishing since I can remember. I would spend most of my summers finding time to fish from shore. I was envious of the boats on the water and the ability to go wherever they wanted. I eventually bought a jon boat and got out on the water, but the one downfall was storage. I had a normal 2 stall garage and the boat had a dedicated spot, which meant a car was parked outside. If you have ever been to Iowa in the winter, you really don’t want to park outside. This led me to my research in kayak fishing. The ability to get out on the water was there so I pulled the trigger and bought my first fishing kayak. I now had my garage stall back and I found out you can store your kayak anywhere! There are some amazing wall hanging kits to hang your fishing kayak from the ceiling. You can also lean it up against the wall with ease. In the winter I store my kayak in the basement to do projects inside. A fishing kayak is easy to store and has a very small footprint.


The Cost

You may have sticker shock when you first start looking into fishing kayaks. $1,000-$1,500 sounds like a lot of money, and you’re right, it is. Due to the cost you may start to look elsewhere, and you’ll find cheap kayaks at big box stores. You may think this is the way to go, but I will warn you up front, don’t do it. It’s cheap for a reason and made of thin plastic. Your kayaking experience is going to suffer, and you’ll think the sport is not for you. Do your research and get a quality made rotomolded kayak that will last a long time. Once you spend the money on your kayak you won’t have to worry about boat storage costs, maintenance or up-keep like a bass boat. You’ll enjoy your experience much more in a quality fishing kayak. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars but stay far away from the $150 store special. There are some great starter kayaks out there between $600-$1,000. You can start with a quality entry-level fishing kayak and upgrade later after you fall in love with the sport.


Fishing Accessibility

Kayaking gives you the ability to fish ANYWHERE! This is one of the biggest advantages of kayak fishing next to any other style. Whether it’s a large reservoir, small pond or your favorite river, you can drop your boat in places that guys with a bass boat can only dream about.  You’ll have access to the fish that are rarely pressured. 


Customization with Kayak Fishing Accessories

This is one of the most fun and unique things about the sport of kayak fishing. If you’re like me and love DIY projects, you are going to have a blast with your kayak. When you're not fishing, you’re upgrading your kayak. You can buy kayak fishing gear from some large kayak accessories companies such as Austin Kayak. You can also buy products from specialty companies in kayaking such as Robohawk,Tightline Anchor and Anchor Wizard. Setting up a kayak crate can be a work of art. From adding a kayak crate, fishing rod leashes, light kits, anchor trolley and more. The options are endless with kayak fishing accessories.  And as I mentioned, extremely fun and enjoyable.


The Kayak Fishing Community

The kayak fishing community is one-of-kind and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The people involved are fantastic and you’ll find that the sport is growing at a rapid pace. Kayak fishing is becoming very popular and you don’t want to miss out. There are groups for every state and forums to talk about DIY projects, kayak fishing gear, kayak reviews and places to fish. Tournaments are popping up all the time and it’s easy to join and have some fun. Join your local kayak fishing group on Facebook and ask some questions. Everyone I’ve interacted with in the kayak fishing community wants to help you out and promote the sport.



So get out there, do your research and find a kayak to get out on the water and go kayaking. You will find that it’s easier to paddle and you get to where you want much faster than you thought possible.  Before you know it, you’ll be hooking into a big one and telling your friends and family that they’re the ones missing out by not kayak fishing.  Let the fun begin of buying gear for your kayak and make sure to purchase fishing rod and paddle leashes to protect your investment as you never know what can happen on the water.

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I bought my first kayak earlier this year, a 12 ft angler kayak, manufactured by Field and Stream , cant wait to enjoy being on the water more! I’ve enjoyed fishing and being in on and around the water since i was little. I’d recommend giving this sport a try to anyone!
Happy kayaking everyone !


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